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Our Energy Efficient Furnaces Keep You Warm When You Need it Most

At KDM Service Corporation in Tuscaloosa, we believe your furnace should keep your house comfortable and cozy, even throughout the most extreme weather of the year. That’s why we sell Lennox® gas and oil furnaces. Many are ENERGY STAR® qualified, which tells you they’ve met or surpassed U.S. federal guidelines for energy efficiency which means you can save money. Plus, they’re also some of the quietest furnaces on the market.

A number of our furnaces feature variable speed motors, which operate more efficiently and may offer more comfort than traditional single speed furnaces. Other innovative features such as PreciseComfort™ technology help your system produce a consistent heat, so you will no longer experience temperature swings. These technologies operate using less energy than single speed motors, which may help reduce your family’s utility expenses.

The energy efficient furnaces we carry in Tuscaloosa could also improve humidity control and air filtration to ehance your indoor air quality. Regardless of whether you select a gas furnace or oil furnace, our systems will provide great comfort. Click through to learn more about our furnaces.

We can help with all your furnace replacement or furnace repair needs. No matter what heating service you’re looking for, KDM Service Corporation in Tuscaloosa is ready to serve you. Give us a call at 205-758-2703 or schedule an appointment online today.